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Senior Living Market Research


Gain insight into senior markets from in-depth research. Whether you are looking to purchase, build, reposition, or simply want to be more competitive, you need good marketing intelligence.

Paradox Healthcare Marketing offers customized marketing analysis and research studies designed to provide the critical information you need to make solid decisions and achieve occupancy and revenue success.

Senior Living Research Services

Customized Marketing Intelligence for Sales and Marketing Success

Marketing Feasibility Due Diligence

  • Increase clarity for your investment with intelligent insights and data.
  • Objectively analyze a wide range of marketing factors, opportunities, and risks with comprehensive marketing feasibility and due diligence.

Mystery Shopping Services

  • Evaluate your sales effectiveness and customer experience with mystery shops.
  • Our mystery shopping services will give your organization a genuine glimpse into what your customer’s experience and how well you sell.

Marketing & Sales Analysis

  • Dramatically increase success with an in-depth sales and marketing audit.
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 
  • Strengthen your market position by determining what offerings are highly viable, underutilized, or obsolete.

Customer & Referral Personas

  • Identify ideal prospects and referral sources based on research and real data from resident demographics, buying behavior, motivations, and goals. 
  • Determine the most effective ways to reach, engage and ultimately capture your ideal customers.

Competitor and Pricing Analysis

  • Know your competitors and understand how to best compete and win every time. 
  • Get an in-depth look at pricing, occupancy, service levels, unique offerings, and even their sales savvy.
  • Get vital reputation insights to help you understand how competitors sell against you.

Demographic and Demand Analysis

  • Measure the overall opportunity and health of a market via targeted demographics. 
  • Assess market penetration rates based on potential customers, current and future competition.

   Customize Your Senior Living Research study to Include ANY or ALL of These Services:   

  • Marketing Due Diligence/Feasibility
  • Market Trends & Referral Source Insights
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Planned Development Review
  • Reputation Awareness
  • Consumer Lifestyle Insights
  • Customer and Professional Personas
  • Focus Groups
  • Detailed Demographic Reporting
  • Demand Analysis
  • Unit Mix, Price, Program & Position Recommendations
  • Marketing Plan & Messaging Recommendations


Unbiased Market Intelligence

Gain insight into senior markets from in-depth marketing research, customized to your specific needs. Whether you are looking to purchase, build, expand, reposition, or simply want to be more competitive, our customized studies will provide the critical information you need to make intelligent decisions, strengthen your market position, and achieve your revenue goals. 


Improve Customer Experience and Increase Sales

Mystery shopping is a powerful tool for evaluating your sales effectiveness and customer experience. Our Telephone or In-Person Mystery Shop services will show you exactly what your prospective customers really experience when calling or touring your community and provide you with genuine insights into how well you sell.

Improve Occupancy By Identifying:

  • Weaknesses in the sales process
  • Ways to improve your customer’s experience over the phone, in person, and online
  • Opportunities to improve selling skills, effectiveness, and closing
  • If sales processes and protocol are followed by ALL staff
  • Key factors influencing a potential customer’s decision to choose your community … or NOT!
  • How well your competitor’s sell and how they sell against you


Powerful Insights to Optimize Sales & Increase Occupancy

Grow and sustain your occupancy with an in-depth look at your sales and marketing programs, processes and data. We’ll conduct a detailed SWOT analysis utilizing a variety of information and data and provide you information to help you to highlight your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, identify opportunities to build on, and target threats to reduce or eliminate.

Whether your goal is to increase occupancy, remain competitive, reposition, or expand your community, Paradox Healthcare’s 360-degree marketing review will provide you with data, insights, and actionable recommendations to build on your strengths so you can take advantage of your opportunities, while modifying your weaknesses so you become less vulnerable to your threats.


Indentify Your Highest Quality Prospects

The senior living and care industry is evolving more rapidly than ever and so are our customers. Many traditional marketing campaigns and tactics have become ineffective because we fail to accurately identify and understand the needs, goals, and behavior patterns among our various prospects and influencers.

Paradox Healthcare Marketing uses market research and real data about your existing customers, prospects, and influencers to create buyer personas that help you accurately identify more highly qualified prospects and understand how to effectively reach, engage, and convert them to customers!


Understand Your Market and How Best to Compete!

Our competitive analysis provides you with an in-depth look at your competitors’ pricing, occupancy, service levels, unique offerings, and even their sales savvy.

  • Plan and prepare your operations and marketing strategy based on key competitor intel.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your existing community or in markets where you looking to expand.
  • Know how your competitors sell against you.
  • Identify what offerings are considered highly sought-after, underutilized, or obsolete.
  • Gain vital reputation insights to help you understand what the general public knows and says about your community
  • Understand current and future market trends for making critical operations or construction decisions.


Assess Market Strength for Your Senior Living Development or Expansion

Measure the overall opportunity and health of the senior living market via a targeted demographic analysis that includes age, income, net worth, and need-qualified customers within the primary and secondary market. Assess market penetration rates based on potential customers, existing units, and future competition.

Our detailed demographic analysis will also help you target the right customers with the right products and services at the right price point.

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