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Senior Living Sales Support


Measuring, monitoring, and consistent feedback has a proven benefit to increasing occupancy and revenue, with Sales Coaching being the single most effective activity to boost sales.

Improve your senior living organization’s performance today with expert sales and marketing support from Paradox Healthcare Marketing.

We provide essential sales and marketing support!

You Stay Laser-Focused on Your Occupancy!

Improve Performance

  • Identify, Measure, and Monitor Key Performance Indicators & Sales Metrics
  • Set Actionable Sales Targets & Marketing Goals
  • Review and Coach for Success

Increase Revenue

  • Monitor, Analyze & Report Sales Activity
  • Review, Score, and Track Qualified Leads (CRM Support)
  • Ongoing Coaching to successfully move leads through the process

Create Champions

  • Online Sales Coaching for Individuals & Teams
  • Training Support to
  • Improve Sales Process
  • Reinforce Company Sales Training
  • Accelerate Ramp-up Time of New Hires

Information is Power!

Without it, you are simply guessing…

and most likely wasting your time & money!


with Quality Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Today’s top performing sales teams are adapting to an ultra-competitive environment by being data-driven. They understand that a well-defined sales analytics strategy can provide a clear road map to success.

Our senior living marketing experts will work with you to identify, monitor, and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics to optimize your sales performance. By optimizing sales activities with customized, data-driven benchmarks, your organization will see improved focus, better accountability, and the increased sales performance needed to achieve your revenue goals



With Lead Management & CRM Support

A solid lead database (CRM) should produce a high return on your marketing investment however, for this to be true, quality data is essential. In fact, nothing can undermine your sales process more than having a mismanaged lead bank full of improperly ranked leads, negligible prospect information, with minimal and meaningless interactions.

We’ll help you analyze and validate the overall state of your lead data. If desired, we’ll assist with cleaning-up your lead bank, eliminate duplicates, complete missing data, and prioritize leads so your sales team can gain more opportunities by focusing on quality, not quantity.

We also provide weekly coaching calls to monitor lead progress, analyze data for quality and sales effectiveness, and ensure leads are successfully moving through the sales process.  Coaching includes weekly or bi-weekly analysis and reporting on occupancy, sales activity, forecast, and other marketing benchmarks to all stakeholders


with Sales Coaching

There’s no single activity more effective in boosting sales performance than sales coaching. Studies show that companies that truly capitalize on coaching’s potential can increase revenue by up to 20 percent.

Paradox Healthcare’s Sales Coaching is:

  • Designed to maximize the performance of an individual or team
  • Consistent and On-going
  • Individualized
  • Meant to reinforce or correct behavior
  • Part of the salesperson’s daily or weekly routine
  • Focused on skills and techniques, not solely on numbers


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